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Loop and Co

Le Plan-de-la-Tour, France |
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Costume Jewelry, Studded Jewelry

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Loop and Co is a brand of original jewellery, genuine leather. Our bracelets are created and crafted in the south of France. The leathers, selected for their quality are of French and European origin. Gross, coloured, braided, studded, sewn; The leather is available in different shapes and finishes, through a wide range of models and colours to satisfie all styles. The entire Loop and Co range presented on this site is intended for professionals. Access to the online catalogue requires prior registration. You can also contact us by giving us the full details of your company, in order to have access to the entire site. For more information, click here. If you are an individual interested in our products, you can contact us by specifying your locality. We will be able to send you a photo catalogue of our models as well as the list of shops online or near you.

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