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RBC Industries Inc.

Warwick, United States |
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Manufacturer, Tools & Machinery

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Gemstones, Gemstone Jewelry

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RBC Industries, Inc. (RBC) is a manufacturer of standard and custom epoxy, polyester, silicone, urethane, UV curable and waterbased polymer systems. RBC Industries specializes in epoxies for decorative, protective, electronic and industrial applications. The Hallemite Product Line (formerly Hallemite, a division of RBC Industries, Inc.) is a collection of high-technology epoxies and urethanes for both heavy duty and light construction applications, as well as decorative, industrial and electric seamless epoxy floors. At the present time RBC Industries, Inc. is a privately held corporation. Despite requests, financial statements are currently not made available to the public. Any request for such information can not be honered.

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