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Elementaris by Beate Pfefferkorn

Dresden, Germany |
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Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry, Gemstones

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There are moments in life, because everything is very clear. The past years make sense and also the future lies clearly and logically before one. Such a feeling I had the first time with 12 years in the Rosengarten of the castle Giebichenstein. Every year, a summer camp in the School of Art was organized for talented students. For a week, art could be discovered and, above all, be made under expert guidance. Painting, sticking, testing materials, everything was allowed. I was allowed to participate and I felt better than ever. This is exactly what I wanted and exactly at this university. Now it was a few years before the Abitur, so I had a lot of time to work on my own abilities. Because I did not attend an artistic high school, the afternoons belonged to painting and drawing classes. In addition to the expansion of one's own abilities, a portfolio with good work samples had to be put together for the aptitude test. At 17 I applied for the first time, because the admission would theoretically have two years validity.

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