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Marco Cruz Joalheiro

, Portugal |
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Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Design. Irreverence. Marco Cruz Jeweler is a Portuguese jewelry brand positioned in the affordable luxury segment. Each piece is dreamed of to thrill, designed to be timeless and handcrafted so that whoever gets it takes with them a unique and exclusive piece. The imperfect perfection of nature and of the human hand makes the pieces Marco Joachim Crucible are works of art, the product of a perfect symbiosis between artist and craftsman. Marco creates for confident, feminine, independent, cosmopolitan women. Women in love, dreamers, determined. The woman Marco Cruz Jeweler is demanding in the search for tradition and innovation in the same product. It is a Woman who believes in a Love for all life, however, it must feel permanently seduced and in love. The woman Marco Cruz buys by experience, by the senses, by the awakening of a new emotion and this is our leitmotiv: to thrill those who find us, to love those who experience us, transforming the acquisition of a jewel in a moment that will last forever.

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