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Durango Silver Company

Durango, United States |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Durango Silver Company works after years of on the road Trading, built a marvelous Trading Post. The Silver Jewelry Store has grown in time and has become one of the most historic and beautiful Trading Posts. The Hartman's are some of the leading Durango Colorado Jewelers. Today, many years later, our children have grown up and they have strong interests in following the footsteps that parents have spent their lives creating silver jewelry and gold jewelry. son has taken on many areas of the business and adds new age ideas and technologies that allow our company to excel into this new global world of business. Son's wife is brilliant, talented and brings new dimensions to our business in the Internet world. daughter followed her art interests around the globe and has come back to Durango to create art and Jewelry that we are all proud of. Every person in our family brings a different facet to our diverse family business.

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