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Craftsman, Manufacturer

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Ganezzi where world-famous Italian designers revivify precious stones through their excellent craftsmanship provides you feeling special. All sorts of products of Ganezziwhich has been continuing production in accordance with world trends since the year 2009 are available in six storey shop building of Topalolu Group. Besides retail sale and wholesale of its products in Istanbul Ganezzi products are also sold in Antalya, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Dagestan, Lithuania, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Moldavia, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Libya and Kuwait. Ganezzi which stays the course of becoming a world brand thanks to its attractive designs offers its customers a wide product range. Thanks to the spirit of Ganezzi products all of which are craftwork you feel distinctive and also improve your style. Ganezzi which adopt an innovative mentality in designing and production as a principle surpasses its rivals in this regard. With its world famous designers, mould makers and production staff Ganezzi offers its customers a wider product range. You will be proud of wearing Ganezzi products which always achieve desired success and customer profile during domestic and foreign exhibitions. Vision To ensure that each woman has at least one unique designed Ganezzi product throughout the World. To combine its leadership in Turkey with its world brand quality. Mission To become a worldwide leading brand by improving our long run experience in Jewelry Industry. To produce better and more beautiful products innovatively without sacrificing quality.To ensure that Ganezzibecome the first brand coming to mind regarding Jewellery.

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