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German Diamond and Gemstone Laboratories (DEL)

Idar-Oberstein, Germany |
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Assaying & Hallmarking, Trade Association & Council

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The institutions taking part in the German Diamond and Gemstone Laboratories (DEL) employ highly qualified staff, such as mineralogists, geologists, chemists, physicists, technicians, gemmologists and diamond graders. Evaluation will be performed by a large number of experienced gemstone dealers, gemstone and diamond cutters as well as goldsmiths. The institutions of DEL are using the latest equipment in scientific tools and instruments. The co-operation with international associations and organisations guarantees best possible up-to-date knowledge in gemmology. Expert skills, experience and objectiveness are of first priority for the German Diamond and Gemstone Laboratories Idar-Oberstein (DEL). DEL guarantees highest quality and international standard of its reports and certificates.

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