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Mousson Atelier was founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 2008. The atelier came into being as a result of an alliance of professionals with over 20 years of experience in creating jewelry and collecting unique gemstones. Today Mousson Atelier preserves the family tradition of innovation and creates jewelry in a modern and classic style. Innovation in design and manufacturing quality are the key principles of the company. We attach great importance to creating jewelry that is ultimately valuable for its beauty. We select the highest quality materials for our jewelry: 18K gold in different colors, precious stones of various shapes, colors, sizes and cuts. Together these components turn into a wide variety of unique creations. The impeccable manufacturing of jewelry is the product of the cutting-edge technologies of the jewelry industry and the high-grade handwork. The collections of Mousson Atelier live and are continuously updated. They feature exclusive jewelry pieces and stylish delicate creations that are available to a wide audience. GUARANTEE Every jewelry piece that is created in Mousson Atelier undergoes strict quality control. All jewelry produced in the atelier is made only of natural materials: precious metals and gemstones. This jewelry requires careful handling. With proper maintenance, it can live untainted for many years and become a family heirloom to be handed down from one generation to another. It will never lose its value. The Atelier guarantees the authenticity of jewelry purchased from authorized distributors. CERTIFICATE Certificate accompanies every jewelry piece that is created in Mousson Atelier and guarantees that all materials, used in the jewelry, are natural (fineness of metal, size, weight, number of stones and carats). PRODUCT CARE Any jewelry requires careful handling. Over time the jewelry may fade, discolor and dull due to the influence of the external factors, such as climate, environment, contact with skin or makeup. The Mousson Atelier service can help you to prolong the life of your jewelry in order to retain its faultless original look. Mousson Atelier offers: Polishing Matte finishing Cleaning Rhodanizing Shine restoration ADDITIONAL SERVICES We can modify any piece of jewelry in our collections to fully suit your needs and preferences. Mousson Atelier can help you if you need to : change the size Create a pair of matching jewelry Engrave your jewellery piece CUSTOM-MADE JEWELRY We can not only create jewelry based on our sketches, but also make any fine jewelry piece conceived and designed by you. Mousson Atelier experts can consult you on your choice of gemstones and precious metals that will suit your desired jewelry design. Be sure we can make your dream come true! PACKAGING All Mousson Atelier jewelry comes in stylish packages made of high-quality materials.

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