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Freuden Jewellery by excessories

Düsseldorf, Germany |
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Manufacturer, Retailer

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Silver Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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The abundance collection gives customers the opportunity to express their personality in self-designed jewelry. We also make individual creations on customer request. Thus each of them becomes unique. In the excessories shop, we present our lifestyle jewelry collections, processed with 925 sterling silver. The end product is mostly affectionate. Our larger dealer orders are partially manufactured with the support. Excessive-Trade called our dealer shop for our selected retailers. A selection of our resellers can be found in the shop finder. As a dealer, you can realize your own jewelry logo with us. Already from an order quantity of 100 pieces. With Sweet Charity You comprehensible support childhood cancer research. From sales of Sweet, Charity Products is 10% each, for example to the Verein eV Fördergesellschaft childhood cancer neuroblastoma research donated.

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