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Ostro Minerals (UK) Limited

London, United Kingdom |
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Max Ostro, the man responsible for this legacy, began his journey through the gemstone industry in the 1960s. Initially representing Mexico for its renowned opals in international exhibitions, he later travelled further East to remote areas constantly in search of gemstones of great color and beauty. His endeavours to promote colored gemstones took him to Japan and Hong Kong, where he was joined by Jane Chung. Jane continues to guide the next generations in this family enterprise. Max explored mines in Africa and Brazil, and brought his finds to markets across the world, setting up offices in Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Antwerp, Switzerland, New York and London. Today the company is based in London and run by Maurice and Michael, his son and grandson. Together, father and son carry on the Ostro family legacy of passion and appreciation for these most exquisite colored gemstones. The company has the world’s largest known, deep blue colored topaz gemstone. It weights 9, 391 carats and is known as The Ostro Stone.

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