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KSG Jewellery Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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KSG Jewellery is a gold and diamond jewelry manufacturing company, specializing in high end designer pieces. We pride ourselves in being a company with very high standards of workmanship, quality and customer service. Our unique and exclusive pieces are one of a kind items and each single masterpiece that we create is a monument to the effort and time spent by our dedicated staff and family members. With the combined experience of our management and staff, our company has been doing very well and has been growing steadily every year since we started our operations in 2009. We welcome all new customers to our KSG family, we are always eager to expend our customer base and reach new markets.Working with us you will always have our full dedication and service and guaranteed end results.We keep our customers well informed and update them regualrly with the latest trends an fashions.

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