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Benny's Gems Creations Co Pte Ltd

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Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Benny Lum started working in a jewellery shop in Rochor Centre after he had completed his National Service in 1977. The jewellery job had sparked his interest in diamonds and coloured stones. He pursued his diamonds and jewellery interest further by attending the Gemological Institute of America in 1980 before graduating in 1981 as a gemologist and jewellery designer. He returned to Singapore where he worked in a jewellery shop in Chinatown designing jewellery for customers. He was entrusted to set up a jewellery store in Singapore for a well-established jewellery manufacturer in 1984. This had provided him with more jewellery experience as he was involved in sourcing and purchasing of diamonds and coloured stones around the world in places such as Switzerland, China, Russia and Thailand. He was also involved in organising jewellery shows in America. In 1988, he went to America to set up a wholesale jewellery office for another well-established jewellery company. The years of experience had put him in good stead and he decided to set up his own jewellery company, Benny’s Jewellery, in 1993. Benny’s passion for producing exclusively designed handcrafted jewellery pieces continues to drive him till today. He guides and works with his team of designers to ensure that the designs speak of each client’s unique personality. His years of experience has provided him with an excellent understanding of the use of diamonds and coloured stones to ensure that the jewellery pieces stands out.

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