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Shenzhen Friele Jewelry Company

Shenzhen, China |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Shenzhen FRIELE Jewelry Co., Ltd. since its inception, has been adhering to the material is exquisite, novel design, excellent quality reputation in the world, has always insisted on quality, brand, character inheritance, take the quality as the basis, rely on brand, quality oriented, quality, service and value of excellent product by the general customers and partners are respected. Company R & D, sales, brand operation as a whole, the company set up a professional network ordering system, the full realization of the overall operation of a network station. Friele's focus on R & D and market the most representative products, the heritage of Chinese heavy silver art culture, continuous research focusing on the post modern silver process. Always adhere to the design concept of the perfect modern aesthetics and the international popular dynamic integration, is committed to creating a modern oriental charm unique fashion boutique, meet the self-confidence, temperament, fashionable women to excellent quality, thick accumulate beauty, the diversity of individual consumer demand for products, today, Furuilai silver has become China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia and other countries and regions have one of the largest consumer brand of silverware. Friele have the courage to pursue a dream, the dream of success. In the service of standardization, specialization, standardization of management, to guide the development of model scale benefit sharing under professional management personnel allocation, optimization, upgrade the brand terminal execution system, enhance the brand core competitive advantages, in the joint efforts of all Furuilai people, "Furuilai silver" brand quickly occupy the domestic and foreign silver jewelry market, products in the design, technology, quality, service and other aspects are highly praised by customers. Extraordinary accomplishments Friele has been in the field of the silver, the Friele brand culture connotation and quality rise in silver industry today is further extended, after long accumulation and unremitting efforts, has been from the original silver processing plants to develop into a set of product design, development, production, wholesale, sterling silver, S925 thousands of fine silver jewelry as one of the silver jewelry business, Friele silver positioning in the fashion, classic, personality and taste, as the youth population, white-collar fashion to create unique personality charm.

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