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House Of Gems LP

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry

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House of Gems was established in 1966 as a Showroom for The Star of Siam Limited Partnership, a Group involved in the Gem cutting business. Mr Erb Sriuthai, the owner of The Star of Siam, appointed his daughters to manage House of Gems. At the beginning, the shop's merchandise was jewellery and gemstones, which were cut in a factory by the members of the partnership. Later in 1974, Mr Boonman Poonyathiro joined the management of the partnership, adding rough precious stones, mineral samples, tektites, petrified wood and other raw materials used in gem cutting. The new additions were well-liked by both Thai and foreign customers. The shop's management decided to add more fossils, meteorites, mineral samples, fluorescence and other rocks to our product line. Some of the products in our shop were obtained by Bookman, who has always found pleasure in his passion for seeking minerals and fossils during field trips. Often as a result of these expeditions, Boonman would find various fossils, such as dinosaur droppings, clams, Gastropod, Numolite, Petrified wood. Among his collection are the world's two largest tektites (each weighing 24.1 kg), and the world's smallest tektite (weighing 0.0005 grammes).

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