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Federation Of Goldsmiths And Jewellers Associations Of Malaysia

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The Association started life as Goldsmith Merchants Association of Malaysia established on 25 April 1978 made up of twelve founder associations viz: the Goldsmith Association of Selangor, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang, the Perak Chinese Goldsmith Association, the Penang Gold and Silver Merchants Association, Province Wellesley Gold and Silver Ornament Merchants Association, the Gold and Silver Merchants Association Kedah, the North Perak Goldsmith Association, the Lower Perak Goldsmith Association, Melacca Goldsmith Merchants Association, the Muar Goldsmith Merchants Association, the Batu Pahat Gold and Silver Merchants Association, the South Johore Golden Ornaments Trade Association, Kelantan Chinese Gold Merchants Association and the following were elected to the First Council of the Association: President: Leong Yee Ban, Vice President: Thong Chew Wah, Treasurer: Wong Sik Kay, General Secretary: Yee Siew Kun, Liason Officers: Loong Kooi, Chooi Sui Kee. Members of the Council: Ko Hon Kwong, Lo Chup Pho, Dato Wong Chor Wah, Loong Hue Toong, Mak Guan Pin, Thoo Chee Kee, Looi Chun Sing, Lan Keng Yeew, Koh Choong, Ho How Kwong, Choong Wei Sing. Three Members were also entrusted with the task of drawing up a constitution. They were Leong Yee Ban, Yee Siew Kun and Wong Sik Kay. Establishing the Association in those early days had not been easy. The founding fathers from the various states had to overcome a whole range of obstacles and difficulties. However, Spurred on by the desire for unity, for the better development of the trade and the need to protect of the legitimate rights of fellow members they preserved and finally succeeded. In 1985 the constitution was amended under the leadership of then president Datuk Ng Teck Fong under which the Association became the Federation of Goldsmith and Jewellers Association of Malaysia The new constitution was duly approved by the Registrar of Societies on 25 July 1985. By the time the number of constituent associations has increased from 12 to 19. . Besides better understanding and relationships between members, it also standardises retail charges of gold and other jewellery ornaments. It also exercises responsibilities in the arbitration of industrial disputes between the employers and the employed. In 1972 the government implemented the sales tax. To protect the interest of members. The Association set up a sub-committee to study the problem and negotiated with the Government. They were able to persuade the government to understand the special circumstances under which the members operated and to improve its measures in taxation.

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