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Highend Collection Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Craftsman, Manufacturer

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Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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As the name of our company ‘High-End Collections Ltd.’ our products are also High Quality, but making them High Quality doesn’t mean that we will charge the premium. Our Managing Director Mr Amit Birmiwal is one of you. He thought why we can’t have Top Quality Diamond Jewellery which is not pricey. This vision of his, made him to lay the foundation of High-End Collections Ltd. In the year 2005. The place was Bangkok, Thailand. From the year of inception and till date we have improved the experience of Fine Diamond Jewelry wearing around the world. As High-End Collection understands what you want, we have been continuously endeavouring to give high-class jewellery without compromising the quality. Each piece at our production house is made considering every minute detail. We do not manufacture, indeed we – CRAFT every piece as if it is for us. The elegance of designs is backed up with the state of the art equipment used in our processes. Our Quality Check measures are so stringent that they match with world’s best QC standards. But this is only the half story of our success, the other half is you, without your trust in our designs and quality we would have not able to reach great heights in such a short span. High-End Collections believes in giving awesome and innovative designs which make you stunning. We give High-Quality Jewellery but do not charge High Prices……….It's only the quality which is EXORBITANT!!!

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