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KriSho Mode schmuck (Fashion Jewellery)

Mannheim, Germany |
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Silver Jewelry, Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry

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The brand Krisho is composed of the initial letters of the designer Kristin Honikel, 15 years of high-quality fashion jewelry. What initially only took place in a small frame became bigger and bigger. After many inquiries from boutiques, She designed her first collection for the resale. Since then, she has been designing two different collections twice a year, which she offers at the major trade fair venues. The color is the focus here and is combined with puristic elements, creating a fashion jewelry, which is timeless in design but fashionable by the colored expression. Due to the color requirements, mainly artificial materials such as high-quality Polaris, acrylic beads, and glass beads are used. But also real materials are processed again and again. In the studio, she keeps a collection of semi-precious stones in stock.

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