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Elena Valenti Accessori Necessari

Borgaro Torinese, Italy |
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Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry, Costume Jewelry

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Elena Valenti started her career as costume designer, creating dresses, accessories and scenery elements for theatre, cinema and television. These are the roots that definitely mark her style. For her own brand, she designs contemporary jewels of high visual impact. “Objects to be worn” has been the concept from which the Shadow Collection born; here the object itself change its function and become an eclectic ornament characterised by a game of contrasts, bright colours and pitch dark. All collections are the result of the constant experimentation on materials and forms and their composition at the sartorial level meant to follow and highlight body shapes. Key models allow a high degree of interpretation yet scenographic fit. Handmade sartorial jewels is what best express the dedication of the artist towards its creations.

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