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Drachenfels Design GmbH

Pforzheim, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Drachenfels Designs exceptional collections of jewelry are designed and produced by hand with love. Characteristic of all lines is the striking and unique design, which comes from the heart and goes to heart. She tells of her passion for jewelry, beautiful stones and the desire to move with her jewelry people. For 20 years, she Design has stood for very special and emotionally loaded jewelry collections. What is their own claim to the lines of the house? "For me, it is first and foremost important not only to transport the value of the materials, but also to work emotions in metal with my jewelery." Drachenfels Jewelry is a statement and value proposition and is intended to protect, accompany and underline its personality Still smiling occasionally at my creations, and the ironic testimony of some ornaments to produce an amused flashing in their eyes, my first claim is fulfilled, for jewelry is only beautiful when it makes its wearer to radiate To choose and wear it, to make it happy, and so to embellish the world. "

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