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M.A. Creation Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Imitation (Fashion) Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry

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M.A. Creation Co., Ltd, the leading manufacturing and distributing find jewellery company in Thailand. Started in 1975 from a small retail jewellery store that mainly targets on domestic customers, but now we are one of exporters in Thailand. With more than 50 craftsmen, we are now specialised in exporting our products to international markets, such as Europe, Middle East, Japan, United States and South East Asia. We have continuously developed the organisation since we started the company. From only a few people in the family member, we now become well-known company which have the register capitals of BHT 15, 000, 000 and have around 100 employees in our organisation. M.A. Creation Co., Ltd. located in Silom Road, the jewellery street in downtown, Bangkok.

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