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Sapphirus Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

Colombo, Sri Lanka |
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Sapphirus Lanka is a manufacturer of the highest quality precision Round Brilliant Cut Sapphires, supplying the major global jewellery and watch brands in sizes 1.70mm – 8.00mm . We are the exclusive supplier of Royal Asscher Cut © Sapphires and the Asscher cut Princess ™ both patented cuts. We also specialise in meeting the requirements of the major watch manufacturers by producing the complex shapes required by them. This is in addition to their regular needs of high precision tapper/ baguettes and rounds. The factory is located in Ratnapura, the hub of the Sri Lankan gem industry and staffed by over 130 employees. All aspects of production of the finished product are handled in-house with state of the art heat treating equipment and polishing equipment adapted from the diamond industry. The finished product in any of the shapes handled by Sapphirus has optimum luster one can derive from a sapphire hence our claim that Sapphirus goods are ‘Diamond like Sapphires’

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