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Steinkult A Glittering Voyage

Rickenbach, Switzerland |
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There are experiences you never forget. Watching the sun come up over the seemingly endless expanse of the Sahara as day breaks. Dancing the night away at the party of a lifetime in Ibiza, with the moon reflected in the ocean. An adventure safari in spring and playing with the children of Africa. Galloping through Andalusia in autumn and dancing to the fiery rhythms of Spanish flamenco. Returning the smiling greeting of a Buddhist monk in the cool freshness of Nepal. Gliding past date palms and pyramids thousands of years old in the torrid heat of the Nile. Designer Alexandra Manini knows these magical moments only too well. Her countless adventures across different continents have inspired her to create the Steinkult Collection. Each design tells its own story of travel, of yearning and discovery. Designed for the stylish and elegant modern nomad who feels at home around the world, has travelled and seen many places and has her own personal concept of beauty. Steinkult creates handcrafted and modern jewellery made from fine, high grade materials. Made only with semi-precious stones, druzys, cultured pearls, wood, shell, crystals, horn, leather and textiles of the highest quality. An entirely personal luxury, but still affordable - perfect for collecting. And thanks to the ingenious design of the jewellery, the pieces match perfectly. Jewellery pieces by Steinkult are true, original souvenirs full of love and passion. Emotions - on your skin…

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