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GEM WORTH established in 1991 in JAIPUR have been in this business for over three generations and had established its head office in Jaipur in the early 1990s. With a global network of offices in Thailand, supplying gems internationally, we have become a trusted name in the gems & jewellery industry. We are a modern and dynamically growing company dealing with sales of precious stones with specialisation in EMERALD, RUBY & SAPPHIRE all over the world. We manufacture EMERALD of all sizes and qualities in our cutting factories having specialisation in CALIBRATED sizes of natural emeralds, rubies and sapphires. We are one of the largest players in the emerald trading segment having potential to manufacture and supply any quality and quantity of emerald gemstone in all shapes, sizes and cuts. Our strength is sourcing the raw material directly from the mines, cutting and polishing, which enables us to satisfy all our client’s needs in the best possible manner. The complete process of sourcing, producing and marketing is done by the company itself, which helps in providing excellent service and quality to the customers. We are working in all major markets in the world, participating in international jewellery exhibitions held in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai, Sharjah, Basel, Kuwait, Jaipur etc. Due to our wide and constantly growing service network, we are able to provide customers with prompt assistance in obtaining EMERALD of the highest and best quality at competitive prices. We have a great EMERALD stock of all sizes and quality to provide fast service to the customers. We have gemstone experts who always keep the stones graded according to colour, quality and cut to assure that the customer gets exactly what he wants. For many years, we have built trust and long-term relationships with our customers globally.Whatever one would like in rare and fine gemstones or calibrated sizes, we have the potential to supply. Our aim is to provide our customers with quality gemstones with complete satisfaction.

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