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Gebrüder Schaffrath GmbH

Hanau, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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The soul of a piece of jewelry is the diamond. Since 1923, the diamond jewelry manufacturers Gebrüder Schaffrath have been awakening the radiant soul of the diamond and clothing it in an exquisite setting. In doing so, it has become a tradition that we use only the most precious materials, such as gold and platinum, and the choicest diamonds. We then use it to add the soul to premium pieces of jewelry on which we place the highest demands in regard to design and finish. Our long tradition of craftsmanship requires that we attend to every detail with loving care. Our long tradition of craftsmanship and the wild passion of the jewelry designer Alexander Leuz guarantees affectionate and innovative designs, which we create with precision and perfection. Our certificate »Graduierte Sicherheit«, which confirms the authenticity of every piece of jewelry, is granted by the competent diamantaire Christian Schaffrath and so is a symbol of true quality. Unique ideas that unleash a diamond’s fire and revolutionary collections with personality and charisma distinguish these wearable pieces of art. Family-owned for four generations, the SCHAFFRATH manufactory specialises in diamonds. This is how we know that no two diamonds are created equal. There is no other characteristic that affects the brilliance of a diamond more than the cut. Diamonds cut in too pointed or too flat a way have no fire. But it is the unique fire of a diamond that makes people so fascinated by diamonds, and has done since time began. We work exclusively with diamonds with the best proportions and grinding qualities. ­Brilliance has a name: SCHAFFRATH.

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