CEO Talk
By : Mansi Soni

Those who have been in the jewellery business for generations know that with changing times, you need to tweak the traditional method of ...

blg_dt_6f  13 Jul 2018
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CEO Talk
By : Mansi Soni

Business Networking was and still continues to be an effective tool for Business Growth. Yes, this is the digital era and you get easy to...

blg_dt_6f  12 Mar 2018
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CEO Talk
By : Ruchi Shah

HemalSoni, founder of comes with more than 22 years of experience in the field of Information and Technology. His ancestral l...

blg_dt_6f  24 Jan 2018
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CEO Talk
By : Hemal Soni

Mr. Hemal Soni, Director, Jewelxy is determined to achieve his goals and works with utmost dedication and perseverance to attain the...

blg_dt_6f  07 Oct 2017
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