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Lotus Gemology Co Ltd

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When you see a fine ruby, it does something to you. It’s not about the value. If it were simply the value, I’d go out and buy a kilo of gold. Richard Hughes to journalist Rod Nordland “On the treacherous trail to the rare ruby red” | 1982 | Asia Burmese star ruby. Photo: Wimon Manorotkul, Lotus Gemology. Lotus Gemology begins with a simple idea – beauty is the principal source of attraction for precious stones. Thus it should also be the major focus of gemology. In other words, the GEM is the most important part of gemology. It is our belief that geology is not simply about counting atoms; to apply science absent a discussion of how it relates to aesthetics and desire does a disservice not just to clients, but to the jewels themselves. We do not believe that attraction can be reduced to a simple set of measurements, any more than the beauty of a rainbow or sunset can be expressed by the mathematical formula. Rest assured, we are not Luddites. We not only appreciate science but use it daily. At the same time, we recognise that many parts of the human experience extend into realms far beyond science. Thus the geology at Lotus includes not just science, but weaves into the mix history, culture, art and travel. We do this in the belief that these factors play equal roles in how humans perceive desirability and value. Like a small French restaurant, we believe that crafting a fine meal takes time and individual care; thus our seating is limited. The translation of the intangibles of rarity and aesthetic beauty is our strength. Precious stones are among the most compelling examples of Mother Nature’s artistic genius. Lotus Gemology operates from a base of over sixty years of collective experience in the study, purchase, sale and appreciation of precious stones. Our lives have been enriched beyond measure by our involvement with these gifts of nature and we believe if we characterise them with the appropriate reverence and care, we can open this magical world to others. This is our goal.

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