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Teng Huat Jewellery Pte Ltd

Singapore, Singapore |
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Craftsman, Manufacturer

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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The Vision Renowned organization, Self-Motivated People, Improving with Changes, Exceptional Results. We aspire to build and grow an internationally renowned organization that leads the Jewellery Industry. With self-motivated people, constantly improving with changes, advance together as one, so as to achieve exceptional results beyond individual capabilities. Our Mission To produce extraordinary jewellery of everlasting beauty Our Core Values Honesty & Sincerity We build long-term relationship by being Honest and Sincere in all business dealings Creativity & Innovation Embracing Creativity and Innovation as a life-long commitment, be it as an individual or as an organization. to design and create extraordinary jewellery. Our Core Business Established in Singapore in 1962, Teng Huat Jewellery gains fame for her precise craftsmanship and exquisite designs as a retailer. This love for extraordinary jewellery of everlasting beauty had amplified over the year. Today, Teng Huat Jewellery (THJ) is a leading international Manufacturer and Wholesaler, genuinely recognised for her precise craftsmanship and exquisite designs. Over the years of business, Teng Huat Jewellery (THJ) had created countless masterpieces that is being appreciated and loved by millions across the globe. With the vast experience and rich history in the jewellery industry, Teng Huat Jewellery (THJ) shall countinue to produce and deliver extraordinary jewellery of everlasting beauty to the world. The Art of Jewellery Design Creativity and Innovation as key principle of Jewellery Design Teng Huat Jewellery (THJ) is a house to a dedicated design team made up of talented artisans and designers of good foresight. The full potential of designers are unleash as we impose no restrictions for exploration of new concept and idea. This is the philosophy that allow Teng Huat Jewelllery to break through and constantly producing an array of concept jewellery. Every Concept is painstakingly undertaken by the team from the development stage of sketches to the final stage production. Every collection is introduced with the mission in mind; “Extraordinary Jewellery of Everlasting Beauty.” Diamonds Teng Huat Jewellery is committed to social concern and every one of Teng Huat Jewellery diamond strictly adheres to the Kimberley process. With a respectable longstanding relationship with reliable partners across the globe, the diamonds use by Teng Huat Jewellery is imposed with the strictest quality control standard in the industry. With state of the art technology, there is consistency in the cut and quality of diamonds, ensuring that all jewellery dazzle with the ultimate brilliance. The Art of Jewellery Craftsmanship Remarkably excellent craftsmanship can only be achieved through years of experience, research, technique and equipments. Our skilful craftsmen possess vast knowledge of every single aspect of the manufacturing processes paramount to create fine jewellery of everlasting beauty. Meticulous attentions are paid to the setting of precious gemstones and polishing & finishing of gold. The devotion that we have committed, together with the use of advance equipments allows Teng Huat Jewellery to deliver the jewellery of the finest standards. Manufacturing Capabilities Together with high technology machineries and experienced artisans equipped with the know-hows of the jewellery industry, Teng Huat Jewellery is capable of both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) & Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) OEM is applicable when you as a customer has a unique jewellery design, with specific technical requirements and will like a reliable company to put them together. We manufactures according to your specification, and thereafter, you will market and sell those products under your unique brand name. In summary, you provide the design and specifications, and we manufactures accordingly. Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) Have a brief idea or concept? Looking for a experienced company who possesses the relevant expertise and technology to create them into tangible jewellery product? Teng Huat Jewellery is here to make it happen! We offer ODM services, like research and developments, jewellery conceptualization, designing, testing and manufacturing, that will turn your ideas into beautiful jewellery pieces you call your own. In summary, we turn your ideas or concept into reality. Contact us to find out more.

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