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Hann Ching Enterprise Co Ltd

, Taiwan |
Nature Of Business :

Importer, Exporter

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Gemstones, Pearl Jewelry

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Hann Ching Enterprise Co., Ltd was set up in 1985, in Taiwan, so was the factory from the start. At that time, the factory produced and exported Corals, Dolomites, Middle Eastern praying beads and all kind of natural stones worldwide. Based on the needs of immense labor work involved with the semi-precious stone jewelries, which falls into the category of labor-capital concentration industry, thus the factory was moved to Mainland China for production in 1993 and the Head Office and Customer Relation department remained in Taiwan. At the early operation in China, coral round beads, white stones and dyed bamboo corals were produced and exported to the US and around Asia. From 1999, we started to devote ourselves in developing and producing coated shell pearls. After several years of hard work from every department and head of each department and on top of that our insistency in quality, today, we have become the leader in the shell pearl industry.

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