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Great Diam Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Importer, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Great Diam is a Hong Kong based company established in the Year 1995. It is a family – run business that is known for over a decade in the international diamond and jewellery industry for its passion and excellence. Our Diamonds have an unmatched tradition of quality and beauty and are hand selected to assure their extraordinary features. Great Diam is the supplier, importer and exporter of versatile range of Diamonds in a wide variety in Rose Cut Round, Pear, Oval, Marquise, Fancy Cut - Fancy Colour, Briollets , Old Mine Cut, Brilliant Cut Round, Pears , Oval, Marquise , Heart, Emerald. We have wide variety in certificate diamonds being certified from genuine institute like GIA, IGI. Great Diam specialize in guiding our customers in selecting the best cut diamonds for Diamond Rings, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Earrings or Jewelry in customized designs. Great Diam imports goods from its main supplying units at India and exports the same in various world markets like USA, Australia, UK, Antwerp, Lebanon, Turkey, Japan. Great diam has its arms in Bangkok, Antwerp, India, and Istanbul in turkey. Here at Great Diam we strive to bring you the highest quality in diamonds and jewelry that will make your special occasion even more memorable. Great Diam mainly aims at fully customer satisfaction. We want you to feel comfortable to purchase at our site, which is why we created our Education section where you can learn such things as knowing how to choose the perfect diamond, learning the differences in metals and caring for your diamond or jewelry. We also go through great lengths to make sure that each visit to Great Diam is a safe and secure one.

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