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Presenting the beauty of the nature that speaks to you ~Matsuyoi~ Yukiko was born in Japan in 1967. She was interested in painting and Japanese clothes making influenced by her father who was an oil painter and her mother who was a ready-to-wear designer. When she was at university, she went to France prompted by her uncle who was a French philosophy researcher. She spent a whole month to travel through France and started to be charmed by old and new traditional handicrafts and fashion materials. After she grew up, she made trips to European and Asian countries and collected handicrafts and jewels of many places. Those journeys let her re-recognize the excellence of Japanese culture and stimulated her to learn Japanese tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Japanese dress-making and accessory making. After marriage, she moved to the coast. The beauty of Japanese nature greatly influenced her such as pearls cultivated in mild inland Sea of Japan or the coral grew in the vast Pacific Ocean. It is the starting point of the artist Yukiko Harada and Matsuyoi. In 1999, the brand "Matsuyoi" established. She held exhibitions in department stores and galleries for wealthy ladies. She also undertook orders of accessories for fashion shows and stage costumes. In 2012, she met a pianist *Ingrid Fuzjko Hemming triggered by an article about the exhibition in Paris on the website of Japan Embassy. They developed a friendship, Yukiko made original headdresses for her stage. *Fuzjko Hemming is one of the most popular pianists in Japan. At present, she holds exhibitions and ordering parties for politicians, company owners and special customers of department stores and high-grade boutiques. Custom-made, Artisanal line has a good reputation among them. She makes headdresses and accessories for dresses to meet the couture designers' requests. She also engaged in "Nouson-KABUKI GIONZA". ("Heritage for the Future" authorised by National Federation of UNESCO Association in Japan)

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