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Our Beginnings Sejal Exports, a name which spells respect and trust in the industry is itself a mere product of the honest and determined efforts of Mr. Sevantibhai M.Shah who is also the founding father of the company. It was his great visualization of the industry that has been a pioneering cornerstone in the inception and eventual development of the present company Sejal Exports India. After the initial establishment, the actual business enterprise of Sejal Exports India was started by Mr. Chandubhai M. Shah, brother of Mr. Sevantibhai M. Shah. Our Product Our major business dealings started with small polished diamonds. These transactions engross a specific category of half pointer to one carat. Diamonds falling in different groupings like those with fancy colors, marquise, pears, etc. are also an integral part of our product catalog. We can provide loose diamonds in large quantities as per the requirements. We now also have a strong foothold for Certified Diamonds. We have a huge stock of certified diamonds all across the globe. These products are effectively toiled up by professionals and craftsmen sequentially and sorted to perfection. We provide 18 different grades for Diamond assortment. Sejal Exports presently staffs 150 assortment members to serve our clientele. Sejal Exports has employed best of its resources i.e. both men and machine in the process of deliverance. A conscious and well planned endeavor is actively adopted to additionally improvise product quality with an increase in the quantity. Our setup helps us develop products where quality totally blends with the quantity at some of the most competitive prices market can offer. Our Service ‘Dignity and deliverance’ are the most prominent aspects of our service to the clients. For Sejal Exports, client care has always been associated to duty towards the client and honor for our work. A client that enters Sejal Exports never leaves dissatisfied. Our long list of clients is just a small testimony of our company’s goodwill. Although we upload the certificates on the website, we can actually show the diamonds to the customer is required. we initiate and close the sale entirely to the customers satisfaction. Our Strength Sejal Exports India, right from the very first day has been following a customer centric philosophy. Cognizant attempts to learn and understand customer’s viewpoints & needs are given topmost priority by company’s policy makers. Our major strength includes 1) 18 different grades for loose diamonds assortment 2) Can provide loose diamonds in a very large quantity 3) Huge stock of certified diamonds across the Globe Our Infrastructure Sejal exports with its experience and knowledge of the industry has effectively developed facilities and workforce to perform regular business functions smoothly & successfully. Sections solely dedicated for buying of raw materials have come up. These sections help get more & more transparency in buying procedures resulting in better quality. Committed efforts like these help facilitate the company get different varieties and qualities of raw materials at the best possible rates. Every product irrespective of its state has to pass through tough quality checks at every level of its journey. Devoted Quality Check Departments have also been placed to ensure that only the best quality products reach our client base. At every level of manufacturing, such rigorous quality checks help decreases the waste materials and get more accountability on part of workers.

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