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Ph. Hahn Söhne KG

Idar-Oberstein, Germany |
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As a traditional family business, we are already dealing with diamonds in the fifth generation. As the oldest diamond-grinding factory, we have a long-standing, rich experience. In connection with the motto "The diamond business is operating as seriously as the matter itself", we have not only mastered the most difficult times in the company's 125-year history but has also managed to become the epitome of serious graduation and fine finishing. Whenever we were and still are fighting for the serious diamond business, we have always been in the front row. Especially in the diamond field, the 4 Cs are no longer important. The fifth C, the Confidence, the Trust, is becoming more and more important. In times of diamond and expert trade via the Internet, often only the price is considered taking into account the expertise of the given values, but not the price in relation to the stone. Experts know that there is more to be considered than just the information on the expertise.

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