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Everest (Thailand) Co Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Exporter

Dealing In :

Diamonds, Diamonds

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Everest Enterprise (est. in 1981) is a leading diamond trader and exporter situated in India. It was founded by our father late Mr Navin Bhai Shah, and since its inception, the company is moving to greater heights each day. The company has achieved stable growth and just like the name suggests, aims to be at the pinnacle of its industry. We are a member of The Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GPEPC), India. Everest enterprises specialises in all types of fancy shaped diamonds. Our products are mostly GIA certified with an excellent shape appeal, ideal ratio & depth, +VG / +VG Polish / Symmetry and a majority of our products without black inclusions & a wide variety of matching pairs. Over the years, we have received rave reviews and feedback from clients. We are Proud to inform you that we are one of the highest RATING received company on Rapnet with more than "100 RAPNET RATINGS".

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