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Lim Gems Factory Company Limited

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Manufacturer, Exporter

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Lim Gems Factory is a manufacturing and exporting company located in business centre of Bangkok, Thailand. With over 20 years of experience, the company has gradually expanded its exports and continuously developed its products. Today, Lim Gems Factory continues its growth as the majority of products are mainly exported to Europe, Middle East, Australia and Asia. To increase its international recognition, the company has exhibited worldwide throughout several international jewellery shows. Lim Gems Factory provides customers with various precious stones, ranging from ruby to all kinds of sapphire and tanzanite of all shapes a heart, star, cross, flower and etc, with the best cutting techniques as well as different unique designs are offered upon your request. The products are specialised in radiant cut and machine cut, particularly in oval and round shape. The company’s main objective is to give customers the best quality products. Hence, the cutting is our main focus and is undoubtedly achieved through our specialised and skilful workers. The prices are considered according to the quality of the products. We believe that such high-quality products with suitable prices will meet our customer’s satisfaction to the fullest.

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