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Darling Imports, Inc.

Hampton, United States |
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Gemstones, Pearl Jewelry

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Nearly two decades ago the Darling family founded Darling Imports in the humble setting of a basement with the simple philosophy of doing whatever possible to help our customers. Since then, we have grown into a major facet in the ever-growing color gemstone industry. It is our passion to help jewelers sell color. We achieve this by providing outstanding friendly service and willingness to answer any questions our customers may have. In addition to the stellar service, we carry an expansive color inventory and offer 30-day memos. Most importantly, it is our goal to educate everyone in the wonderful world of color – and it’s vast, breathtaking qualities. In order to meet everyone’s needs and desires, our inventory is always flexible to meet the growing demands of our customers. We are here for you to provide the items you need on a regular basis, as well as those hard-to-come-by items. Building our foundation on everyday stock orders, we are continuing to expand our business by offering special ordering, cutting and re-polishing – and even possessing one-of-a-kind estate pieces. We want to be able to offer you all the necessary services so that you will never have to go anywhere else! Anytime you need anything color…

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