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Global Gems (Pvt) Ltd

Bakersfield, United States |
Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Exporter

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Gemstones, Diamonds

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Global Gems, a family owned business enterprise with over 30 years of experience. Based out of Sri Lanka, Global Gems has expanded internationally– with operations both in Asia in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, Japan and China, as well as connections as far afield as Germany, The United States, Madagascar and Tanzania. A member of the International Colored Gem Stone Association, the company has built upon its mission of providing exceptional quality stones to all customers, by building both a strong network internationally as well as locally. Specializing in the sourcing, acquiring, polishing, cutting and finishing of a wide variety of gems – Global Gems is dedicated to providing customers with the authenticated gem stones of the highest quality, to ensure that each precious stone used reflects the highest standards. Best known for providing the highest quality Sri Lankan stones such as Sapphires, Topaz, Ruby and Moonstones, Global Gems is also known for sourcing specific stones for customers on request. The company’s global ties facilitate sourcing and providing these specialty stones, while ensuring that the stones meet all international quality standards. In addition to the provision of all the necessary certification on the origin and authenticity of the stone, Global Gems also offers a buy back option in the event that customers are not 100% satisfied, illustrating its commitment to its customers.

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