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Valor Gems Co Ltd

Wuzhou, China |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Gemstones, Diamonds

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Veyron Stone is located in Wuzhou, the city of man-made gemstones. Since its inception in 2003, the company has been committed to producing high quality gemstones. The company is capable of mass production of various colors and gems of various specifications. To design new models. Veyron gem attention to product quality, substandard products for uncompromising, we have the confidence to tell the customer, each a gem manufacturing in the cut, color, clarity and weight, can match the equivalent of diamonds. Veyron Gems offers high-quality and complex cut synthetic zircon, synthetic corundum and high-temperature nano-stone, also includes some of the specifications are not listed on the gem, but also have special specifications gems. Please you need to consult the stone color and specifications sent to our customer service, we will in the shortest possible time to reply to you.

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