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Mushan International

Colombo, Sri Lanka |
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Manufacturer, Wholesaler

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Mushan procures and exports high-quality Sri Lankan sapphires, untarnished by conflict. We provide sapphires of all colours: blue, pink, yellow, violet, white, green, orange, and pink-orange (padparadscha). Amongst blue sapphires, Mushan specialises in various hues, including vivid blue, cornflower blue and royal blue. Mushan’s reliable island-wide network ensures our close proximity to mines in various locations, including Ratnapura, Ehaliyagoda, Elahera and Pelmadulla. We purchase the sapphires directly from the miners, enabling our prices to be extremely competitive. Mushan’s experts ensure the quality and authenticity of the precious stones. We make these fine gemstones available to our clients at Mushan’s centrally located office in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city. The specially designed office provides optimum gem-trading conditions – from fully equipped meeting rooms that are ideal for doing business, to comfortable lounges where you can take a break and enjoy breath-taking views of the Indian Ocean and the greenery of Colombo. Our branch office is located in Beruwela (China Fort), which is the main gem-cutting hub of Sri Lanka. Mushan was the first office to be established in the famous ‘Paththe’ gem market in Beruwela. At Mushan, we value our partnerships. We share a well-established, privileged relationship with the local miners, which gives us a distinct competitive advantage. (When a rare piece is discovered, it usually finds its way to us!) Mushan has strong ties with partners around the world, so we have access to a wide range of gemstones. Most importantly, we believe in long-lasting partnerships with our clients.

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