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Moraglione Srl

Valenza, Italy |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Almost a century ago Massimo Moraglione, a craftsman with great passion, started his work as a jeweler. In 1943, brothers Marco and Pierino cycled the length and breadth of Italy, greatly contributing to the expansion of the fledgling company. Since then, Moraglione Brothers have never looked back. To state that Moraglione is a Company with historical ties to the Valenza area does not allow you to perceive the many adventures and the emotional commitments the Moraglione Brothers endured over the years. Through the war and its aftermath, the boom, times of crisis and market evolution, they overcame each socio-economic transformation with resilience and intelligence. The result is Moraglione today: a Company with a unique imprint, able to merge the quality of style with the prefect selection of precious stones. An impeccable taste that perfectly combines the classic and trendy designs.

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