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SKS Schmuck GmbH

Idar-Oberstein, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Jewelry in all colors. A distinctive color stee design is at the forefront of the Idar-Oberstein jewelry manufacturer SKS Schmuck GmbH. Through realistic prices, with good quality, the three managing directors wanted to establish a company, which from the beginning differentiated itself from others. The proximity to the jewelry industry and the associated grinding shops formed the basic pillar to put this project into practice. The extensive range of precious stones, also from smaller grinding shops, uses the goldsmiths to produce jewelry in miniature from 585 or 750 gold. The collection mostly consists of a set with an earring, ring and pendant. More and more the set is complemented by a matching stone necklace. Thanks to the varied use of colored gemstones, new ideas can always be realized and market niches that the jewelry makers from Idar-Oberstein try to use. At the German trade fairs in Inhorgenta and Intergem, they present their collections in front of us, demonstrate their decades of experience in the jewelry industry. The company SKS Schmuck is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In 1997 the company was founded in Idar-Oberstein by Siegfried Schwarz, Gerd Kessler and Hans Joachim Staudt, who also form the company name with their initials.

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