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Otracosa Schmuck

Malters, Switzerland |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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The joy of colors determines our work. Since the end of the 80s we make jewelery for people who like to have colorful. After working with gold and silver and a lot of other materials, aluminum was particularly suitable for a particularly light game with shapes and colors. It has always been important to us that design and production merge into one unit under one roof. The design of OTRACOSA is characterized by the lightness of the colors combined with fine-mechanical processing. The OTRACOSA aluminum jewelery is something for people who love clear shapes and colors. Besides colliers and earrings are also rings made of stainless steel, combined with colored anodised aluminum in individual color combinations in our collection. In addition, in combination with aluminum, we use the CRYSTALLIZED ™ crystal glass beads - Swarovski Elements.

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