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Staurino Fratelli Srl

Valenza, Italy |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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At the end of 1800, Natale Staurino, opened his ?rst workshop in a small town near Valenza, and started to craft jewelry pieces in the small studio in the back of the workshop. The path started by Natale, was, after few years followed and continued by Pietro Staurino, his nephew, who opened one of the first jewelry workshop in Valenza and soon, his workshop became a big factory, with almost a hundred workers. After the tragedy of World War II, in 1950, Paolo Staurino, Pietro’s son, continued the family tradition, he first specialized in jewelry, working for few years for some of the most talented goldsmiths in Valenza, during this period he learned our to work in the jewelry industry, spending time in different workshops and learning different techniques. After few year his younger brother, Luigi became as well an expert jewelry designer, and a skilled goldsmith. In 1960 Paolo and Luigi founded Staurino Fratelli (Fratelli in Italian means “brothers”) a jewelry company specialized in handmade custom jewelry. Their production was appreciated by many local jewelry companies and private customers in Italy. Many years and four generation have passed since Natale Staurino started this wonderful adventure more than a hundred years ago. With the same spirit today we face the challenges of our work every day, carrying on with the same passion to find new shapes and passing new boundaries. Keeping on experimenting new techniques, and as Pietro soul keeps teaching us, testing new materials. Today, we are proud to include between our enthusiast friends, members of the Royal Families, many Celebrities and Jet Setters, and of course all the extraordinary people who are always looking to wear a piece of jewelry with a real history behind.

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