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Phawa By Jewelry Book Co. Ltd.

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Gold Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry

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Jewelry Design Is A Deep Soul Of Honoring The Natural Vibrancy Of Gemstones, Surrendering To The Organic Flow Of Creativity, And Manifesting Passion For Organic Forms. Phawa Was Born Into A Family That Cultivated Her Love Of Jewelry Design, Sharing Her Awe For The Radiance Of Gemstones And Supporting Her In Her Professional Journey To Becoming An Artist. The Collection Is A Culmination Of Phawa's Life's Work So Far, Inspired By The Lidless Curiosity She Still Embodies For Jewelry Design And Continued Desire To Allow The Earth-Born Beauty Of The Gemstone To Be The Focal Point Of Each Of Her Creations.As A Child In Bangkok, Phawa Relished Her Small Role In Her Family's Jewelry Business, Sorting Stones And Growing Evermore Intrigued With Each Gemstone's Unique Aesthetic. Fueled By A Desire To Connect More Meaningfully With The Gems, She Began Designing For Her Family And Friends As A Teenager. Slowly Over The Years, Phawa Developed And Mastered Her Signature Wiring Technique For Which She Has Come To Be Known. Phawa Collection Following The Completion Of Her Masters Degree In Fashion In Milan And Graduation From The Gemological Institute Of America. Her Company Is A Living Experience Of A Lifelong Dream, Grounded In A Wealth Of Experience, Knowledge, Skill, And, Most Saliently, Creative Passion.

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