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Atelier Tokuda snc di Daisuke e Tomoko Tokuda

, Italy |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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When I was 24, I saw by chance of old clocks locked in a box covered with dust in an antique shop in Milan. There was a charm in those things and wondered how to make them return to live again. The ancient objects have a color and a shape and a mysterious indefinable charm: like humans preserve and tell their own story. My goal was to return new light and new life to objects that seemed unused or forgotten forever. This desire was the inspiration that led me to create unique pieces "TOMOKO TOKUDA". My creations are all handmade and made of unique pieces collected from antique markets around the world. Their peculiarity lies precisely in a slow and careful craftsmanship that makes each piece unique and therefore valuable. From my hand, with care and dedication, carry beauty to life. In my creation is the protagonist of the old vintage watches (some even of the nineteenth century, art nouveau), assemble them by hand with materials like Argento925, 14K / 20Gold Filled, Bronze, resin and semi precious stones. It presents various types of jewelry; Necklaces, asymmetric earrings, rings, cufflinks, bracelets, brooches and Stop tie, all made with old watches, not just dial and muovimenti but also of micro gears, nails, hands and belts. Watches, jewelry protagonists, are always different and unique.

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