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Milleperle Ltd

London, United Kingdom |
Nature Of Business :

Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Importer, Exporter

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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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MARCO'S STORY After ten years working for an Italian transportation company I had an opportunity to change my life and make my dream come true. Years ago on a trip to Micronesia I discovered the magic and purity of pearls in their natural habitat, a true treasure in no mans land. I have never lost that image. I needed adventure, to explore, to travel and expand my horizons. In 1991 I dedicated my life to pearls. I left for French Polynesia to be surrounded by beautiful shells, amazing treasures were there to be discovered though in pretty rough waters! I travelled on the merchant ships that connect the innumerable Archipelago islands. Without a precise destination I explored 12 different atolls. I visited pearl farms trying to understand and develop my knowledge, unfortunately without much success. I was completely confused the same question kept giving me several answers and after many months I was still at the point where I started. This really was a strange and new world. I travelled by fishing boats that were more like floats than boats and it was very risky, I almost capsized twice. Polynesians are excellent mariners but totally imprudent. Many times I crossed long distances of ocean, navigating for days from one atoll to another in little boats with only one engine and often without a radio. When I wasn't at sea I slept in a tent, but certain islands had swarms of microscopic insects the nou-nou, that were very aggressive and forced me to immerse myself in water up to my chin, so no sleep for days.

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