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Art Aurea

Ulm, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Art, high-quality manufacturing and design, as well as the lifestyles inspired by them are our themes. In our Art Aurea journal and on our new internet platform we explain and communicate a traditional culture in a contemporary and innovative fashion. With an open mind and without prejudice, we look for artistic quality and exquisite craftsmanship that embody inspiration, beauty and meaningful depth, and particularly appreciate authentic creative minds, as well as people who love the exceptional. The boundaries between the arts and objects for daily use are more permeable and less distinct than ever. The definition of art depends on the zeitgeist and is subject to societal, commercial and individual interests. With Art Aurea magazine and the Art Aurea internet platform, we pursue a holistic approach to art. As was articulated by the Bauhaus in the early years of the Modern era, we champion the idea of art permeating all areas of life. It’s a widespread error to believe that a painting or a sculpture is surely a work of art, but vessels or jewelry don’t deserve this status because they can also serve useful purposes.

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