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Nunsiri Factory Ltd

Bangkok, Thailand |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Nunsiri Factory Ltd., Part. is a manufacturer and wholesaler of fine jewellery, specialising in 18K gold, diamonds and precious stones ornaments. Though the company was officially established in 1988, the Managing Director and his team have been engaged in the jewellery industry for several years prior to the company's commencement. Upon today, we have accumulated more than 30 years of expertise in jewellery making thus far... With decades of experiences, Nunsiri Factory has acquired various jewellery- assembling skills. We are recognised for our exceptional craftsmanship especially in the invisible setting technique. Moreover, we have a complete and comprehensive design selection, ranging from classic and simple patterns to contemporary and modern pieces, with each piece guaranteed for outstanding quality... Our customers vary from jewellery stores in metropolitan Bangkok and other regions of Thailand to overseas traders. Nunsiri Factory has been exporting jewellery to retailers in the global.

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