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BINI s.r.l.

Borgo A Buggiano, Italy |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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The company initially held at the household level activities mainly, where it distributes jewelry and silver jewelry. From the beginning we outline the characteristic features of the company, professionalism and care of the product offered: silver jewelry of high quality, attention to detail made with the best materials, without forgetting the ever-changing trends, taste, style of moment. The company changes its name. The activity of the new company is exactly the same as the previous, but the land on which the work begins to become wider. Beginning with this period that the company began to invest in its own image through advertising, sponsorship of sporting events and ads in magazines and newspapers as well as creating the website. The growth continues expanding its distribution on the national territory through the agent network. It appears the brand Bini of national newspapers such as The Italian Goldsmith, 18 Karati, The Journal and The Nation and in the advertising campaign on the highest level magazines like Vogue and Vogue Gioiello, who devote themselves to our extensive product editorial space.

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