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Picchiotti Srl

Valenza, Italy |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Giuseppe Picchiotti made his first foray in the world of fine jewelry in 1967 when the Picchiotti atelier opened its doors in Valenza, Italy. Today he’s known the world over as the premier jeweler of Italy. Picchiotti’s deep understanding of jewelry as well as his long-term commitment to excellence, and sound business ethics, are the key factors to the continued success of this family-run enterprise. In the atelier located in Valenza, when creating each piece, Picchiotti selects from his vast collection of rare stones to identify the ones that best suit each design. Picchiotti’s designs are traditionally inspired by classical lines and are characterized by the elegance of their style, transcending changing fashion styles and trends…heirlooms to be passed on to a favorite daughter or niece, for generations to come.

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