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Dippel Ute

Pohlheim, Germany |
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Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

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Ute Dippel, who has been working as a freelance artist, is one of the creative jewelery designers, whose work is virtually unheard of in serial industrial jewelry. Through numerous exhibition participation at home and abroad, she is firmly established in the jewelry scene. At first sight their pieces seem to spring from a fairy tale. In every detail of the enamelled rings and pendants, her infatuation is revealed in a romantic, magical world, which conveys her through form quotations, ornaments, and a cheerful color. Topics are quoted from the history of jewelry, architecture and folklore. Surprisingly, however, this jewelery appears to date, dating from our time. Today's women can charmingly express their humor and a cheerful romance. For the designer, form, processing and statement are equivalent elements of the jewelery design. This makes your jewelry valuable, lively and unique!

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